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What Our Employees Say

“I joined SWV more than a year ago — and I must say it’s
the most amazing place I had ever worked at.The team is young,
ambitious, noisy, bright-eyed. These guys are constantly
generating ideas, brainstorming and developing.

After getting into it, at some point I realized how much
I have improved professionally. And it felt great!”

Timur Manakov, designer


Java Developer | Sep 12, 2017


  • Develop new and maintain existing fintech systems;
  • Implement various integration processes, internal and external, related to accounting and payment systems as well as databases;
  • Develop and optimize database queries;
  • Implement data integration and transformation, work with DWH.


Financial Analyst | Sep 12, 2017


  • Develop and revise financial models for projects and credit products;
  • Develop various financial models as requested by internal users;
  • Prepare and revise the company’s budget, prepare forecast balance sheets, cash flow and income statements;
  • Control and analyse budget implementation;
  • Prepare financial presentations for the company’s management, including presentations in English;
  • Prepare analytical reports for internal use, calculate product costs (unit economics);
  • Set tasks related to developing the company’s management information systems.


How to Apply

Anna Khlynova
Human Resource

If you want to be part of the future with
Silkway Ventures, please contact Anna Khlynova