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Online price comparison portal for financial services
started in Kazakhstan in 2009. Portal makes it easy
to quickly compare and choose the best offers
from Kazakhbanks and fintech lenders: deposits,
consumer loans, mortgages and auto loans

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Website Visitors
17.8 M

Financial Websites In Kazakhstan

Banking Loans Issued
$30 M

Online consumer finance company launched
in Kazakhstan in 2013. We offer unsecured
personal single payment and installment loans
to any bank card 24/7

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Registered Users
400 000

Value of Issued Loans
11.2 M

Annual Revenue Growth Rate

Full-service digital agency. Established in 2013.
The first official Google certified partner
in Kazakhstan. Clients are Top-100
companies in Kazakhstan

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Ad Campaigns Launched

Websites Launched

traffic Generated for our Customers
90 M +

Consumer finance company registered as a microfinance organization in Kazakhstan

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Cross-border marketplace for microloans, powered by blockchain

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Proprietary Technologies Built In-House

Loan Management
Credit Conveyor
Credit Scoring
and Underwriting
Automated Email
and SMS Marketing
Campaign Manager
Debt Collections
PinPong CRM

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